Album Review: Funeral For a Friend – Welcome Home Armageddon (Distiller)

Authoritative and progressive screamo sounds from FFAF's fifth studio album

The bellowing authority of Matt Davies-Kreye on [b]‘Old Hymns’[/b] casts a sturdy shadow over the most iron of lungs on this invite to the end of the world.

Produced by Romesh Dodangoda ([a]Motorhead[/a], [a]Kids In Glass Houses[/a]), the rawest of FFAF’s live attributes, from metal drums to secretive whispers, are captured and exposed like a new-found diary. Melodic moments, as on the title track, appear more confessional than past ventures, and while [b]‘Sixteen’[/b] doesn’t re-define the boundaries of screamo, it does add easy digestion to the genre.

[b]‘Welcome Home…’[/b] offers both a different approach and a welcome return.

Kelly Murray


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