Gatekeeper – ‘Exo’

A smash'n'grab album which creates a garish whole

Gatekeeper’s Aaron David Ross and Matthew Arkel crunch elements of ’80s post-industrial dance, horror/sci-fi soundtracks and computer game music into an enjoyably garish whole. This smash’n’grab approach yields some curious echoes: their electro-horror aesthetic is hugely reminiscent of Mark Shreeve, while the metallic percussion of ‘Tree Drum’ recalls Brad Fiedel’s [i]Terminator[/i] soundtracks and ‘Dromos’ sounds a lot like The Prodigy circa ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’. ‘Visitor’ and ‘Re-gen’ alternate between VHS-ident trashiness and widescreen sci-fi grandeur and, just to add to the retro-futurist disorientation, the album comes complete with its own computer game.

[i]Joseph Stannard[/i]


Director: Aaron David Ross, Matthew Arkell
Record label: Hippos In Tanks
Release date: 16 Jul, 2012