The World Is Outside

The debut album from Ghosts, the next major label punt at launching the new Coldplay (as opposed to the, er, new Morning Runner), is the kind of record that, should you slip it into the car stereo on your way home from another term at uni, your mum would request you burn her a copy. Yup, there may be less rock’n’roll thrills here than can be found in the average maypole dancing lesson, but the radio-lassoing, Keane-esque tunes saturating ‘Stay The Night’ and the title track could only be denied by the ear-less. Alas, a few songs later, the quality dissolves quicker than cheap loo roll, meaning that the best chance these lads have got of emulating Keane is amping up a weed habit and making some calls to the Priory.

Jamie Fullerton