Album Review: Gloria Cycles – ‘Campsite Discoteque’ (A&G Records)

Regrettably instantly forgettable

Another terrible name that we’re bored just reading… surely things can only get better? Barely. [b]‘Chancer’[/b] is a yawnsome monosyllabic slab of indie-by-numbers. But all’s not lost, singing bassist Jen Dalby has one of those textbook folkals that make beardy men weep openly and rightly dominates the album’s highlights; see the charmingly cutesy [b]‘Diplomatic Dining Tables’[/b]. Apparently the lead singer is from Glasgow, so why he’s indulging in a lengthy fantasy in which he actually is [b]Gaz[/b] from [b]Supergrass[/b] is a mystery. Flashes of [a]Noah And The Whale[/a] before they started constantly bleating, and equally moments that [b]The Fratellis[/b] would consider too mawkish, do nothing to make this album any less instantly forgettable.

[b]Rebecca Robinson[/b]