Grumbling Fur – ‘Preternaturals’

The duo's second LP comes good on their "pop record" promise

Billed as their “pop” record, Daniel O’Sullivan and Alexander Tucker’s third album launches straight into 30 seconds of creaking doors and spooky bells in a fragment called ‘Neil Megson Fanclub’. They soon make good on their pop pledge though, scattering mesmerising synth melodies on ‘Lightinsisters’ (featuring Tim Burgess), dabbling in folk on the wonderful ‘Feet Of Clay’, gazing up at “rapid stars” on the Depeche Mode-like ‘All The Rays’ and minting strange, campfire R&B on ‘Mister Skeleton’. Their imagery may be impenetrable – all “teardrops on the wires” and particles “falling into space” – but the tunes haunt the mind long after they’ve faded.

Matthew Horton


Record label: The Quietus Phonographic Corporation
Release date: 11 Aug, 2014