Album Review: Gum Takes Tooth – ‘Silent Cenotaph’

A cacophony of bewildering oddness

This deranged album is probably a bit like what would happen if you took a five-year-old kid, fed him strong Stilton, and then recorded what went on behind his eyes as the cheese dream took hold.

[b]‘Young Mustard’[/b] is his toys engaged in apocalyptic war, lurid Day-Glo and deathly; [b]‘Peace In Your Middle Yeast’[/b] hides disturbing percussion and mutters behind the fun of the pun; while [b]‘Tannkjøtt’[/b] is just as it sounds – a glorious cruiser with piña colada-sipping dames and a bruiser of a howitzer on the foredeck. [b]‘Silent Cenotaph’[/b] is a magnificent and gung-ho monument to the terrifying joys of making a childish racket.

Luke Turner

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