No Fighting In The War Room

If Harrisons were always considered to be the dumpy, orange taffeta-clad bridesmaids to Arctic Monkeys’ lithe, designer dress-sporting bride, ‘No Fighting In The War Room’ is unlikely to change things. Their trad, blue-collar jangly power-pop rock feels less 2005 and more 1985. This retro sound is no surprise as Echo & The Bunnymen producer Hugh Jones is in control, and he infuses ‘No Fighting In The War Room’ with a sneering urgency. It works, but only in spurts. ‘Monday’s Arms’, Harrisons’ stab at a bit of Franz-style disco-punk, stands out amid the chiming guitars and shouty choruses and ‘Little Boy Lost’’s sense of space is a rare display of subtlety. But you must also endure ‘Man Of The Hour’’s lumpen repetition, while ‘Take It To The Mattress’ sounds too similar to the Monkeys’ ‘Mardy Bum’. Harrisons, then: more Old Yorkshire than New.

Stephen Worthy