Album Review: Harry Hill – Funny Times (Island)

Listen once, laugh, then move on

In a way that only The Simpsons had done previously, with his [i]…TV Burp[/i] [b]Harry Hill[/b] hit the perfect centre-point between the surreal observations honed on his early shows and the couch potato mainstream. His comedy album is more hit-and-miss. Missing the mark is the depressing send-up of chav culture ‘[b]I Wanna Baby[/b]’ and ‘[b]Nuggets Nocturne[/b]’, an unfunny ode to fast food. But ‘[b]Phone Up Yer Mum[/b]’, which turns pleasingly dark when the jaunty tune gives way to a sinister demand for cheques, is a hoot, as is ‘[b]Ken![/b]’, with a monologue from a Ken Barlow soundalike in which he declares himself “the only constant in your life”. Listen once, laugh, then move on.

[b]Jamie Fullerton[/b]