Album Review: Hauschka

Snowflakes And Car Wrecks

Facts about this album:

* Hauschka, aka Volker Bertelman, is based in Dusseldorf, Germany.

* Hauschka’s use of ‘prepared’ piano recalls the experiments of John Cage.

* Bertelman is also a member of Music AM, a collaboration with Stefan Schneider (To Rococco Rot) and Luke Sutherland (Long Fin Killie).

Album review:

Whether his inspiration came from kids’ TV prog Itsa Bitsa or minimalist whiz Erik Satie, Volker Bertelman’s addition of bits of cork, leather and metal to the innards of his beloved joanna was an act of ingenuity.

The resultant clacking, scraping and hammering amid his chilly piano and forlorn strings creates, as if by magic, a factory of percussion.

Valuable remainders from last year’s ‘Ferndorf’ sessions, these playful-yet-stark instrumentals beckon us invitingly into the terribly clever worlds of Terry Riley and Steve Reich.

Chris Parkin

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