Hawk Eyes – ‘Ideas’

Some festival headliner potential here

‘Ideas’ is the Hawk Eyes’ first release since the band changed their name from Chickenhawk, and surprisingly, they’ve got the whole thing set to ‘slow reveal’. The first thing that hits is the volume, an impenetrably fierce and defiantly unbreezy breezeblock of sound. Then hit the riffs, then the brutal melodies and lyrics that creep and linger. There are a few tracks that betray the band’s breakneck hardcore beginnings: the clunky rhythms of ‘Headstrung’ and the guttural, caustic howlings of ‘Milk Hog’. ‘Ideas’ is an album doused with ambition, though, and ‘Hollywood Sweatshop’ is the bolshiest of them all. It’s soaring and catchy, a rock anthem fit for a festival headliner, whilst ‘You Deserve A Medal’ is driving, like a runaway car pulled apart by its own horsepower. Faced with change, Hawk Eyes have got the idea in a headlock and won’t let go until they’ve got several dry ice machines pointed their way and a cast of thousands at their feet.

[i]Hayley Avron[/i]


Record label: Fierce Panda
Release date: 09 Apr, 2012