Album Review: Henry Priestman

The Chronicles Of Modern Life

Facts about this album:

Henry Priestman was born in Hull.

Henry also dabbles in production, including a forthcoming album by his tour support act Lotte Mullan.

‘The Chronicles Of Modern Life’ is released on Stiff, Henry’s first ever label back in the ’70s.

Album review:

Liverpudlian Henry Priestman’s 30 years in the music business have been eventful. He supported the Sex Pistols in 1977; sold millions of albums in the late ’80s/early ’90s as part of The Christians; produced Mark Owen’s post-Celebrity Big Brother erm, smash ‘In Your Own Time’, and played on loads of people’s records. This, his first solo album, is a set of homemade, ramshackle pop songs characterised by titles such as ‘Did I Fight The Punk Wars For This?’ and is a welcome addition to a varied and charming back catalogue.

Liam Cash