Album Review: Housse De Racket – ‘Alesia’

Prepare to be seduced by synth-punk from France

If [a]Housse De Racket[/a]’s music sounds vaguely familiar, it’s not without reason: the duo come from the same part of France as [a]Phoenix[/a], have also played back-up to [a]Air[/a], and worked with former [a]Phoenix[/a] producer Philippe Zdar on this, their second album. Fortunately, though, they also share with [a]Phoenix[/a] a knack for sharp song writing and have cooked up some ear-catching atmospherics that rival [a]Air[/a] at their best. [b]‘TGV’[/b], for example, combines a nagging post-punk synth hook with Gallic swagger, while the title track has a funereal majesty that could stop traffic. This album may score a continental nul points for originality, but it has a seductive charm that would put [a]Brigitte Bardot[/a] to shame.

Ben Cardew