Album Review: HTRK – ‘Work (Work, Work)

HTRK'S music isn't as depressing as their lyrics about eating hearts

Though [a]HTRK[/a]’s second full-length proper was completed shortly after the tragic death of founding member Sean Stewart last year, its bleak soundscapes were imagined between 2006 and 2010. Continuing a penchant for darkness established on 2009’s ‘[b]Marry Me Tonight[/b]’, ‘[b]Work (Work, Work)[/b]’ is probably as grim a sounding record as you’re likely to hear. The sparse, nauseous swirls of ‘[b]Love Triangle[/b]’ make ‘[b]Kid A[/b]’ sound like an album totally in love with the world, while ‘[b]Slo Glo[/b]’ is [a]The xx[/a] brutalising [a]Trent Reznor[/a]; lyrically, subject matter includes poison, electrocution, bullets, eating hearts, and smothering. Not the feel-good hit of the summer, then.

Rob Webb