Futureheads and Golden Virgins' drummers provide a timewarp to slip into

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Hyde & Beast - 'Keep Moving'


Hyde & Beast – ‘Keep Moving’

Better shelve all those numbskull drummer jokes. For their second album together, stickmen Dave Hyde and Neil Bassett (of Futureheads and Golden Virgins respectively) have crafted a set of rootsy late-’60s/early-’70s classic pop that bears comparison with some hefty names. At times – in the swaying, fuzzed-up chords of ‘Open Your Heart’ or the sweet, bluesy hooks of ‘Blown Away’ – ‘Keep Moving’ wears its love of late-period Beatles on its sleeve, and there are echoes too of T Rex in ‘Blue”s airy boogie. Of course, the whole venture has about as much cultural currency now as an octopus’s garden, but it’s a lovely timewarp to slip into.

Matthew Horton


Record label:Caroline International
Release date:04 Aug, 2014