Album Review: Hype Williams – One Nation (Hippos In Tanks)

An eccentric second album from the Berlin duo

Even [a]Kasabian[/a] must be dimly aware that hauntology isn’t the study of things that go bump in the night by now, but [a]Hype Williams[/a] make hay with the past-bothering shtick better than most. The Berlin-based duo’s second album of pink-eyed, pitched-down aural smush takes in melted R&B jams ([b]‘Your Girl Smells Chung When She Wears Dior’[/b]), queasy pop ([b]‘Businesslike’[/b]) and tetchy IDM ([b]‘Warlord’[/b]).

But, lacking as it does the songwriting spark of [a]Ariel Pink[/a], the record lacks cohesion. Like making a time capsule and filling it full of junk, [b]‘One Nation’[/b]’s oddball ephemera might seem more intriguing to good citizens of the future than it does to us.

Alex Denney


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