Idlewild: Make Another World

Steadfast Scots rediscover the rock

As good as Idlewild’s last album ‘Warnings/Promises’ actually was, it couldn’t have been more like REM if it had shaven its head and performed at a benefit for the Save The Long-Haired Tibetan Llama charity. Subsequently, ‘Make Another World’ is a welcome change of pace as here Edinburgh’s finest mark their 10th anniversary by cranking it back up to pre-MOR levels. Indeed, once the speaker-scorching guitars of ‘If It Takes You Home’ have done their viciously exciting deeds, it seems barely believable that this is a band whose singer spent much of last year wearing a woolly hat and peddling a solo album of celtic-folk ballads. Listening to ‘Make Another World’, you get the feeling that Idlewild have plenty of sonic terraforming left in them yet.

Hardeep Phull