Album review: Imaad Wasif – The Voidist (Tee Pee)

A charmingly cool third outing from Karen O's fuzzy haired pal

From the top of his Noel Fielding-with-his-fingers-in-a-power-socket hair to the bottom of his pointy shoes, some-time [a]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/a] fret-botherer [a]Imaad Wasif[/a] is painfully cool. And, unsurprisingly enough, [b]‘The Voidist’[/b] is an album of grandiose indie so trendy it’ll have [b]Alison Mosshart[/b] quaking in her Converse – [b]‘Priestess’[/b] is a spunky, [a]Muse[/a]-esque slice of melodrama, topped by [b]Wasif[/b]’s deftly pirouetting croon, while [b]‘Return To You’[/b] is indie-rock so fixated on its own American Apparel-clad navel it could’ve easily rubbed shoulders with [a]Grizzly Bear[/a] and co on the last [b]Twilight[/b] soundtrack. In short, [b]‘The Voidist’[/b] is bound to make legions of indie kids cream their skinny jeans, but for good reason. Katherine Rodgers