Album Review: Japanese Voyeurs – ‘Yolk’

Timewarp guitar pop

It has taken a while, but the legions of hipsterettes thinking that they’re long-lost members of [a]L7[/a] while rocking £100 undercuts, oversized leather jackets and scraggy denim cut-offs has finally come to a musical head.

Fronted by Babe In Toyland Romily Alice, Japanese Voyeurs’ slick timewarp torpedo guitar pop is impressive in its uncanny resemblance to the output of the early ’90s bedraggled babydoll brigade – see [b]‘Dumb’[/b], [b]‘Get Hole’[/b], [b]‘Feed’[/b] and, well, every single song on this squeaky, shrieky debut. However, the five-piece’s refusal to add anything new at all to the reanimated rock sound grates more than a little.

Leonie Cooper

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