Album Review: Jon Fratelli – ‘Psycho Jukebox’

Dull, banal and truly dreadful

“Rhythm doesn’t make you a dancer”. Quite true, Brother Jon, and possessing vocal cords doesn’t make you a singer, as you’re proving quite expertly here. Breaking out solo from that group who had those hits – the ones which saw you instantly bludgeoned into a neck muscle-ripping, arm-round-shoulder embrace as soon as that bastardised first note hit.

[b]‘Psycho Jukebox’[/b] isn’t so much the frenzied mix of eclectic styles its title suggests, more another singularly shit-beige palette of classic-songwriting-for-the-people hokum that quite rightly saw the likes of Milburn and Little Man Tate taken out back and shot long ago. Ghastly.

Simon Jay Catling

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