Junior Boys

So This Is Goodbye

Junior Boys, essentially 26-year-old Canadian Jeremy Greenspan, don’t do loud. Or big. Or gushing. Greenspan finds all that stadium-filling shite embarrassing. Instead, he writes precise synthetic pop songs where trembling emotions are kept firmly in check. If that sounds repressed, it isn’t. Their 2004 debut, ‘Last Exit’ (9/10, NME), had dignity; a dignity far more real and affecting than rock’s usual bombastic self-pity. ‘So This Is Goodbye’ doesn’t quite match the claustrophobic intensity of its predecessor, but it’s still a very fine record indeed; more elegant and less interested in tricky, hiccupping beats. The likes of ‘First Time’ are just gorgeous, and now, with this double-CD re-release, you also get loads

of extra tracks, most notably Hot Chip’s incredible remix of ‘In The Morning’.

Tony Naylor