Album Review: Kaka


Facts about this album:

* Richard Karlsson, aka Kaka, started his musical career in a band called The Tambureens.

* Kaka’s old band The Mo once hit No 1 on the Swedish singles chart.

Album review:

This solo debut from Swedish pop stalwart Richard Karlsson is a somewhat gruelling listen, and not because it sets a satisfying challenge like fellow Swedes The Knife. Fact is, it’s so hyperactive, jaunty and tongue-in-cheek that even fans of Junior Senior will look askance at it. Kaka beckons from a dark place the nauseating sounds of Bis, Black Lace, bad Eurovision entries and a barfly attempting to play recent Britney Spears hits on a Casio keyboard, throttling the life from what could be some admirably odd songwriting that tips a hat to a tribal Adam Ant and the more recent, knowingly flamboyant antics of Of Montreal. If it wasn’t so unintentionally funny it would be kind of tragic.

Chris Parkin

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