Katy B continues her one-woman mission to keep the party going

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Katy B – ‘Danger EP’


Katy B – ‘Danger EP’

Our Katy, as her 2011 album ‘On A Mission’ asserted, is a one-woman mission to keep the party going – hence this midwinter morale booster. ‘Aaliyah’ updates Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene’ to a club catfight, while ‘Got Paid’ is vibrant and rampant, all brilliantly maddening sirens and Katy’s sultry trill of “down on three” (Oh, and WILEY). ‘Light As A Feather’ is all smoky, almost xx-ish reverberating chillout vibes before a dirty parping synth line and a dirtier Iggy Azalea intrude. “What’s it gonna take for me to see you get down yeah” purrs Katy. This should more than do it for now.
Emily MacKay