Album Review: King Cannibal – The Way Of The Ninja (Ninja Tune)

At a whopping 250 songs, this is a scratched-up, bass-inflated, mesmerising mix of Ninja Tune's best

Given that [b]Ninja Tune[/b] was set up 20 years ago, originally to provide DJs with the raw materials to construct eclectic beat-heavy sets from, it makes total sense to celebrate this milestone anniversary with a mix album (especially if you can’t afford the opulent [b]XX[/b] boxset). [b]King Cannibal[/b], Ninja’s terror step technician on the ones and twos, has managed to cram 250 tracks into a scratched-up, bass-inflated, mesmerising mix, taking its lead from Coldcut’s never bettered ‘[b]70 Minutes Of Madness[/b]’. From the classic ([a]Roots Manuva[/a]’s ‘[b]Witness (1 Hope)[/b]’) to the booming ([b]Amon Tobin[/b]’s ‘[b]Sordid[/b]’) to the sublime (‘[b]Extreme Possibilities[/b]’ by [b]2 Player[/b]), this is Cannibal’s Disco Holocaust.

[b]John Doran[/b]

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