Album review: Kisses – The Heart Of The Nightlife (Surrounded By Sound)

The internet is alive with Day-Glo pop - but do Kisses do it justice?

For a snapshot of the various strands of Day-Glo pop that so delight the blogosphere at the moment, look no further than LA’s [a]Kisses[/a]. ‘[b]The Heart Of The Nightlife[/b]’ shimmers atop [a]Yeasayer[/a] Technicolor and murkier hypnagogic and chillwave leanings, but amidst this glitter-flecked fug the duo often stumble in search of their own voice. So while ‘[b]The Heart…[/b]’ is buoyant with Balearic intent and ‘[b]Bermuda[/b]’ radiates with simple charm, a sense of apathy prevails, reaching a peak when ‘[b]Modern Lover[/b]’ drifts into embarrassing pastiche. A work in progress, though one worth being given the time to develop.

[b]Simon Jay Catling[/b]

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