Taken literally, bees and gravity make an interesting dichotomy, demonstrated by Holtkamp's blissful synthscapes

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Album Review: Koen Holtkamp - Gravity/Bees (Thrill Jockey)


Album Review: Koen Holtkamp – Gravity/Bees (Thrill Jockey)

Even something as apparently trendless as experimental drone is not immune to the wax and wane of fashion. In fact, at present a certain meditative, hammocks-and-hemp-sandals vibe, prompted by the rediscovery of electronic krautrock and ’70s new age records, is very firmly in the ascendant. Here, [b]Holtkamp[/b] – one half of notable Brooklyn psychedelic explorers [b]Mountain[/b] – contributes to the mood with a record of two weighty concept-bearing sides. One is all about zero gravity, and the other takes bees as its subject matter. The blissful synthscapes contained within eschew the genre’s more embarrassing hallmarks – thankfully, there’s no panpipes to be found here – although when [b]Holtkamp[/b] piles on 
the fuzz guitar on the second side, it kinda blows the mood, maaan.

[b]Louis Pattison[/b]

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