Album Review: Kris Drever – ‘Mark The Hard Earth’ (Navigator)

Drever fails to adventure further than the blueprint of his debut

The second solo offering from one third of cult folk [i]tour de force[/i] [b]LAU[/b] opens with the self-penned title track. A eulogy to the weather, its simple restrained melody and uncomplicated arrangements set the pace for the rest of the album. As with debut album [b]‘Black Water’[/b], Drever never strays far from the traditional folk template. Re-imaginings of old folk numbers ([b]‘O’ A’ The Airts’[/b], [b]’The Banks Of The Nile'[/b]) nestle among tracks from contemporary rock, country and Americana artists ([b]‘This Old Song’[/b] by [b]Caleb Klauder[/b], [b]‘Shining Star’[/b] and [b]‘Wild Hurricane’[/b] by [b]Sandy Wright[/b]). An extremely mellow album, while hardly groundbreaking, it’s quietly beautiful in places. Ideal music for the campfire though, not your iPod.

[b]Tessa Harris[/b]

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