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Album Review: Laura Veirs - 'Tumble Bee'


Album Review: Laura Veirs – ‘Tumble Bee’

While indie is often perennially infantile, the genre’s efforts at making music for kids are usually intensely cloying. Following the birth of her first child, the underappreciated [a]Laura Veirs[/a] recorded an album of mostly traditional folk songs for children, which has charm far beyond the nursery: ‘[b]Little Lap Dog Lullaby[/b]’ and ‘[b]All The Pretty Little Horses[/b]’ are as beautiful as anything from [b]Sufjan[/b]’s ‘[b]Seven Swans[/b]’, and the record whips by on a sweet breeze, Veirs’ wry tones supplemented by ragged piano. Best of all are the traditional ‘[b]Jack Can I Ride[/b]’, the grizzly ‘[b]The Fox[/b]’ and [b]Harry Belafonte[/b]’s ‘[b]Jump Down Spin Around[/b]’, bounding along with hiccupy rhythm, but no cause for a burping.

[i]Laura Snapes[/i]


Director:Tucker Martine
Record label:Bella Union
Release date:07 Nov, 2011