Lawrence Arabia – ‘The Sparrow’

A finely honed paean to the art of the songwriter

The success of ‘The Sparrow’ hangs on a knife-edge – the humour could so easily drown the accomplishment, and the storytelling could so easily smother the sentiment. Thankfully, the balance is kept in check, and the result is a finely honed paean to the art of the songwriter. It’s part Bacharach, part Barrett, instruments tripping lightly under Lawrence’s silken vocals. Moments of lyrical stealth punctuate the suave and steady tones, never more so than on the comically chilling ‘Early Kneecappings’ and the steely melodrama of ‘The Bisexual’. ‘The Sparrow’ is proof that a band can mature without losing their spark.

[i]Hayley Avron[/i]


Director: James Milne
Record label: Fire
Release date: 16 Jul, 2012