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Leila - 'U&I'


Leila – ‘U&I’

DJ, producer and [a]Bjork[/a] collaborator [a]Leila Arab[/a] works at her own pace, her last album, 2008’s ‘Blood, Looms And Blooms’ appearing almost a decade after its predecessor. But her missives are worth the wait – this one whips the spliced, spooked melodies and vintage rhythms of ‘Blood…’ into new, distorted shapes that at times recall the dark textures of Prurient’s ‘Bermuda Drain’ or [a]Fever Ray[/a]’s debut. Where numerous vocalists graced the last album, now Mt Sims takes the lead, proving a fittingly perverse servant for his exacting mistress as he tackles industrial bangers (‘Welcome To Your Life’) and glacial chorales (‘In Consideration’) alike.

[i]Frances Morgan[/i]


Record label:Warp
Release date:23 Jan, 2012