Album review: Little Fish – ‘Baffled And Beat’ (Island)

Comes recommended by Courtney Love and Linda Perry. Yep...

Let’s be honest, to be praised by [a]Courtney Love[/a] isn’t exactly a select honour. Love praises pretty much everyone these days. Including Gwyneth Paltrow. Nor is it a coup de grâce to have [b]Linda Perry[/b] on board as a producer. For the right fee, Perry’s in there like a flash, no matter who the client is (apparently she’s guesting on Same Difference’s new LP). Unfortunately for Little Fish, their entire campaign hinges on the accolades of these two former first ladies of rock. Even more unfortunately, behind the relentless PR-push of Love’n’Pezza, [b]‘Baffled And Beat’[/b] is unrelentingly shit. [b]‘Am I Crazy’[/b] is a song that uses metaphor so poorly to describe romantic feelings that a small aside is included in the accompanying info sheet: “This is a song about the torture of love, and not about being crazy.” Opener [b]‘Bang Bang’[/b] contains vocalist Julia ‘Juju’ Sophie screeching the immortal line “Listening to my music/Wishing I could fluke it”. Juju, darling – you can’t .

[b]Ailbhe Malone[/b]