Continuing to party, but this time with devastating covers from auto-tuned lands

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Album Review: The Lonely Island - 'Turtleneck & Chain'


Album Review: The Lonely Island – ‘Turtleneck & Chain’

If the Jackass boys can play with 3D diarrhoea as they push 40, why shouldn’t The [a]Lonely Island[/a] continue their frat-isms into middle age? The Saturday Night Live trio pick up where they left off with 2009’s [b]‘Incredibad’[/b], spoofing hip-hop and R&B with [a]Rihanna[/a], [a]Snoop Dogg[/a], JT et al garnering slices of self-deprecation kudos.

Alas, parodying Auto-Tuned-to-hell R&B is largely pointless due to the ridiculousness of much of the genre anyway – it actually renders the [a]Akon[/a]-featuring [b]‘I Just Had Sex’[/b] less funny than most of his other tunes.

Jamie Fullerton

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