A moving display of one man’s myriad sorrows

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Album Review: Loney, Dear - 'Hall Music'


Album Review: Loney, Dear – ‘Hall Music’

[a]Loney, Dear[/a]’s Emil Svanängen, it is often said, could do with a big cuddle. Not that it’d make much difference, you feel – the Swedish songwriter’s fifth LP is mainly another delicate sojourn into oceans of really-fucking-mellow. This time, the horns are a-tootin’ (‘D Major’) and the church bells chiming (‘My Heart’), meaning that while, say, ‘[b]Largo[/b]’ starts like a Pixar remake of Werner Herzog’s alcoholism, prostitution and crime lark Stroszek, there’s a fireworking climax round every miserable corner, chasing the shadows, catching the sun. Still not Friday night material, then, but a moving display of one man’s myriad sorrows nonetheless. Bless.

[i]Jazz Monroe[/i]


Director:Loney, Dear
Record label:Hall Music
Release date:17 Oct, 2011