LA Rockets

Dance It Aaway

Manics and Moz devotees: shield your kohl-smeared eyes now, because a way with words is certainly not this east London-based foursome’s strong point. Their debut EP is filled with such lines as “UK’s in a mess/What we gonna do?/It’s our little nest/We are stupid fools”, nonsensical animal noises and, on ‘Death To The UK’, an “eh-oh” refrain that is one part Devo and two parts Teletubbies on speed.

Lyrical simplicity aside, this lot make an altogether rather joyous racket, capturing perfectly the spirit of beer and sweat-soaked flailing on a scummy dancefloor as relentless basslines collide with yelps and fast-paced riffs on four electro strop-pop nuggets. Who needs books down the disco anyway?

Camilla Pia