Album Review: Lucky Soul – ‘A Coming Of Age’ (Ruffa Lane)

This heavy vintage glam feels musty

[b]Lucky Soul[/b] could have stood a chance. The days of brazen pop may be numbered in a post-[b]Gaga[/b] universe but straight up sunshine can still peek through – [b]Music Go Music[/b] are proof enough. But despite saccharine elements of [b]Stereolab[/b] and [b]Saint Etienne[/b] glimmering among the Colgate grin of [b]‘White Russian Doll’[/b], [b]Lucky Soul[/b] have taken things a sugar lump too far. The soppy strings of [b]‘Warm Water’[/b] – coupled with frontwoman Ali Howard’s simpering vocal – may have worked for Cilla Black 45 years ago, but such heavy vintage glam feels mustier than the cloakroom at the Cavern. Elsewhere, the happy-clappy [b]‘Love3’[/b] and meek [b]‘Our Heart’[/b] are so lightweight they could blow away mid-song. Soul? Chance would be a fine thing.

[b]Leonie Cooper[/b]

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