Album review: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool – The Golden Year (Fire & Manoeuvre)

An encouraging debut tinged with the saddness of Charles Haddon's passing

Oh Lord. How can you even ask me to do this? How can one do something as flippant as ascribe an arbitrary numerical value to the properties of something so comprehensively shrouded in darkness? OK, it behoves me to report that ‘[b]The Golden Year[/b]’ suggests great promise in its cool, grandstanding, 1981-vintage electro-pop stylings, the likes of ‘[b]Dance The Way I Feel[/b]’ and the gorgeous, gasping, [a]Gary Numan[/a]-esque ‘[b]Our Lives[/b]’ being glassy, shimmering constructs as pristine as, if not diamonds, then certainly high-end cubic zirconia. A very encouraging debut, then, and, at the same time, a terrible, heartbreaking way to bring a career to a close.

[b]Pete Cashmore[/b]

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