A fifth album that could be 2012’s least likely coming-of-age

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Menomena - 'Moms'


Menomena – ‘Moms’

In their early days, Portland, Oregon’s Menomena suffered from a surfeit of wacky ideas that made their multi-layered art-rock admirable if not entirely listenable. Having hit their stride with 2010’s ‘Mines’, and following the 2011 departure of Brent Knopf, the newly reduced duo return with a fifth album that could be 2012’s least likely coming-of-age. On ‘Moms’ we have echoes of Blur’s piercing directness (‘Plumage’), Super Furry Animals’ tropical psychedelia (‘Capsule’) and, in ‘Pique’, a masterclass in dark, euphoric songwriting. All the while, they address one lyrical strand: their relationships with their mothers. Cheaper than a session with a therapist, and a much better listen.

Dan Stubbs