Album Review: Milk Maid – ‘Yucca’

Marrying lo-fi brilliance and buoyant skuzz

[a]Milk Maid[/a] mainman Martin Cohen once comprised one quarter of [a]Nine Black Alps[/a], which when you listen to [b]‘Yucca’[/b] kinda makes sense, because it sounds a bit like his former day job, but with about 25 per cent of the aggression and production values.

But if that sounds like a slight against this album, then you’ve got us all wrong. Full of distortion-drenched vocals and slacker guitar lines, [b]‘Yucca’[/b] is a brilliantly messy thing. Sitting between the lo-fi haze of Woods and the buoyant bounce of [a]Black Lips[/a], [a]Milk Maid[/a] do scuzzy rackets ([b]‘Such Fun’[/b]), ’60s sweetness ([b]‘Dead Wrong’[/b]) and reverb-ridden downers ([b]‘Back Of Your Knees’[/b]) with equal aplomb.

Lisa Wright

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