Album review: Millimetre – ’13 Homes’ (Orectic)

Freak pop for people who fancy their vacuum cleaners a bit

Dense, dubby and crammed with dark corners full of surprises, Terence J McCaughey’s fourth album under the Millimetre guise whirls fragments as diverse as [a]The Future Sound Of London[/a], [a]Prince[/a], [a]Tom Waits[/a]0, [a]Tricky[/a] and [a]Can[/a] into a veritable McFlurry of sonic weirdness that, thanks to a beady eye on song structure, never melts into formlessness. The likes of [b]‘Barefoot’[/b] have a lurching, digital swamp-monster mischievousness, while the militantly industrial [b]‘Intimate With The Kitchen’[/b] leaves its mucky synth discharge all over your nice clean Moulinex. The sicko probably thinks this is how pop music is made.

[b]Emily Mackay[/b]