Album Review: Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Rock Action)

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Injecting their cacaphonic assualt with moments of subtle respite on their seventh studio album.

Other than creating mind-shredding, eardrum-perforating noise-rock, you can always count on [a]Mogwai[/a] to come up with brilliant song titles, and [b]‘Hardcore…’[/b] has some doozies.

The Tory-baiting [b]‘George Square Thatcher Death Party’[/b] and [b]‘You’re Lionel Richie’[/b] – a reference to the Glasgow-based [b]‘Easy Lionel’[/b] viral video on YouTube (check it out, folks) – may well be the clear winners in the titter-some stakes, but they’re also significant markers in the Lanarkshire masters’ progression.

Sure, the likes of the lung-collapsing [b]‘Rano Pano’[/b] and the slow building head-fuck of [b]‘How To Be A Werewolf’[/b] are instantly recognisably Mogwai, but the synth-electro mash of [b]‘Mexican Grand Prix’[/b] is a huge leap from the norm. See also [b]‘San Pedro’[/b], which surprisingly, could be [a]Queens Of The Stone Age[/a]. By giving a wide berth to the safety of the post-rock label they’ve long despised, [a]Mogwai[/a] have recorded some of their finest songs since [b]‘Mr Beast’[/b].

[i]Jamie Crossan[/i]


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