The London duo dodge commercial pressures

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Album Review: Mount Kimbie - 'Carbonated EP'


Album Review: Mount Kimbie – ‘Carbonated EP’

Different people want very different things from ‘dubstep’, the genre that demands bigger inverted commas with every passing week. Some want howling mid-range chainsaw brutality; others want dimly re-imagined chillout beats and emotive white-soul singing. London duo [a]Mount Kimbie[/a] are stronger than the latter temptation; this six-track mini-selection bows to no imagined commercial pressure.

[b]‘Carbonated’[/b] itself, from last year’s [b]‘Crooks & Lovers’[/b] album, slices up garage sweetness and fuzzy unease. Of the new selections, [b]‘Flux’[/b] is winningly ravey, [b]‘Bave’s Chords’[/b] a dubby cocoon, while Peter Van Hoesen’s remix of [b]‘Carbonated’[/b] is a jittery shot of techno adrenaline.

Noel Gardner