Mr Hudson & The Library: A Tale Of Two Cities

Jazz-hop posho’s debut

A Beaujolais-glugging, trilby-sporting Oxbridge graduate, Ben Hudson makes no secret of the fact he’s posher than a teenage Donny Tourette taking tea at Leo Sayer’s. But that isn’t the problem. Whether he’s crooning about spoiled afternoons of golf on Chet Baker cover ‘Everything Happens To Me’, or boshing lines on the contrived cod-ska of ‘Too Late, Too Late’, his debut LP is the flipside to Just Jack and Lily Allen’s chart-bothering chav-hop, wallowing in dull coffee-table jazz (‘Brave The Cold’) and a raft of seriously lightweight hip-hop nods. A galling snapshot of young, posh Middle England, avoid this like all the other post-Skinner nonsense that’s around right now.

Rick Martin