Dubstep Allstars: Vol 05

Dubstep is a genre without recognisable stars or hummable melodies and it can only truly be appreciated when listened to on a soundsystem the size of a house, so don’t expect it to storm the charts anytime soon. However, once the preserve of a few stern, shaven-headed geezers in Croydon, dubstep is spreading like a virus throughout 2007. Rinse FM DJ N-Type’s fast-cut mix – 38 tracks in 72 minutes – is an attempt to showcase the sound’s newfound diversity. It’s a flawed concept, though. Dubstep is all about immersion in the brooding, bass-heavy fug but N-Type’s restless style never lets you settle. If you want to dive in at the deep end of dubstep’s murky waters – and you should – opt for ‘…Vol 04’ mixed by Youngsta & Hatcha instead.

Sam Richards