Album Review: Nadine Coyle – Insatiable (Black Pen/Tesco)

Nadine's solo effort harks back to the days before auto-tune but can't hold a candle to Girls Aloud

Imagine a time before auto-tune, [b]David Guetta[/b] and [b]Willow Smith[/b]’s first birthday. Roughly, imagine 2002. That’s when this album sounds like it was made. These songs would have been great for [b]Stacie Orrico[/b], but in today’s charts they sound anachronistic. ‘[b]Insatiable[/b]’ has got guitar solos, gently strummed mid-tempo ballads, proper song structure and almost no handclaps. And you know what? It’s such a relief. Sure it’s not the nails-down-your-back amazing [b]Girls Aloud[/b], but it’s a pleasant reminder that pop homogeneity isn’t compulsory and most songs are fine without a guest slot from [b]Flo-Rida[/b] and a massive drop every nine seconds.

[b]Sam Wolfson[/b]