A reissue it may be, but 'Psychic Chasms' is still charming, effortless and worthy of putting Neon Indian among the other purveyors of chill

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Album Review: Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms (Static Tongues)


Album Review: Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (Static Tongues)

Of all the recent wave of chill, it’s tempting to conclude that the only purveyors really worth keeping tabs on are [a]Toro Y Moi[/a] and [a]Neon Indian[/a], whose debut album of last year gets an enhanced reissue here. Unlike many of his peers (but like Toro) [b]Alan Palomo[/b]’s winning way with a tune places him within spitting distance of chillwave’s twin wellsprings, [a]Ariel Pink[/a] and [a]Daft Punk[/a], applying warp factor suncream to soft rock, synthpop and disco with a liberal dose of chutzpah and charm. Of the plentiful bonus material on this reissue, the recent single [b]‘Sleep Paralyst’[/b] is the true heartbreaker, while [a]Toro Y Moi[/a]’s choppy rework of [b]‘Deadbeat Summer’[/b] is as good as it bloody well should be.

[b]Joseph Stannard[/b]

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