Album review: Nephu Huzzband – ‘Elementary’

A relative failure in the screamo family tree

Whoever thought of the name [b]Nephu Huzzband[/b] deserves to have their teeth pulled out, and that’s nothing on the punishment the band themselves are due for creating an album of such bilge. As with countless other deluded young upstarts, they’ve mistaken cribbing everything from their record collections for eclecticism, so [b]‘Elementary’[/b] sounds like an infinitesimally less cerebral [a]Foals[/a] auditioning for a part in [i]The Decline Of Western Civilization Part III: The Screamo Years[/i]. Its incessant, supposedly urgent guttural screams ring hoarse and petulant, and the chorus of [b]‘Black & White’[/b] lurches sickeningly on the choppy waves of fresh testosterone as they yelp [i]“You show me yours/I’ll show you mine”[/i].

You first then, boys.

[b]Laura Snapes[/b]

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