Album Review: Nitzer Ebb – ‘ Industrial Complex’


Industrial estate of mind

With the mordant dance of [b]Factory Floor[/b] and [b]Cold Cave[/b] on the rise, is it time for a resurgence in the noirish, heavy electro peddled by their ‘80s forebears? [b]Nitzer Ebb[/b]’s new album sounds like [a]Depeche Mode[/a] if they’d stuck with the dark stuff rather than soundtracking tawdry Home Counties swingers parties. Their well-lubricated machinery still sounds fit for purpose after over quarter of a century on the shop floor. Jackhammer beats and grumping synthesizers abound while cogs are ground furiously on the laser-finished, half-rapped [b]‘Payroll’[/b], the sleazy EBM of [b]‘Down On Your Knees’[/b] and the riveting [b]‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’[/b]. [b]Nitzer Ebb[/b] prove they’re far from obsolete.

[b]Luke Turner[/b]

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