Viva El Amor!

Babybird, we are floating in space....

Babybird, we are floating in space. Navigating us through the pulsating cosmos is Richard Warren, known for the purposes of this mission as [a]Echoboy[/a], and the craft he pilots was owned once by [a]Primal Scream[/a]. He sails this ship alone.

The 25-year-old skeleton crew hasn’t been doing this for long, but he has travelled far, and like the majority of future pilots making music that’s lost its compass on the traditionalist map, he’s done it from his bedroom. A spaceman by trade though, the music he makes is long, is large, and is above all, [I]out there[/I].

Out there, in the post-‘Screamadelica’ psychic shakedown, [a]Echoboy[/a] is in pretty good company. Future Pilot AKA and Regular Fries are both retaking the universe, but the scale of some of [a]Echoboy[/a]’s transmissions surpasses even them in magnitude. ‘Flashlegs (Suite)’, which begins this low-key album, weighs in at 12 minutes of psychedelic light aircraft droning, and though the pleasure satellite takes a terrible plummet during the 14 minutes of ‘Flight 21’, the lo-fi vapour trail the [a]Echoboy[/a] leaves in the sky is a beautiful sight indeed. Launch successfully completed, we have no problem.