The Viking invasion continues....

The Viking invasion continues. Just as second-rate football teams have tended to bolster their squads with cheap Scandinavian imports in recent years, indie pop has been reacting to recent poor performances by shipping in ersatz versions of successful indigenous talents on the P&O ferry into Hull.

[a]Fungus[/a], needless to say, are a chirpy punk-pop power trio from Varberg on the west coast of Sweden, and this, their debut mini-album, pitches them in the stream of indiefied heavy metal that has served the likes of [a]Terrorvision[/a] and Ash so well. ‘Fungusamungus’ borrows heavily from The Replacements and The Descendents in their ’80s golden age, with additional wimpy boy vocals and lyrics courtesy of singer Johan Lundgren.

Downsides include such nebulous ‘fun-punk’ asides as ‘Lollipop’ and ‘Monsters From Mars’, but when they can keep their feet off the irritation pedal for a couple of minutes, such cursory assaults on post-grunge pop as ‘And Now He Wants A Gun’ are not without their charm.

A far from offensive first effort then, but you have to ask yourself whether the world really needs another Symposium. More saliently, did we ever need the original ones?