Telemetric Melodies

Not every space explorer needs to leave the planet....

Not every space explorer needs to leave the planet. For eight years, [a]Pram[/a] have been exploring the reaches of the cosmos from the mundane confines of their Birmingham living rooms, building rockets to Mars out of dusty 1970s hi-fis, flickering age-bleached Super-8 films, the [I]Star Trek[/I] burbles of a phalanx of Moogs. ‘Telemetric Melodies’ charts their progress by lashing together the smattering of singles released by various labels between 1995, when they left Too Pure, and 1998, when they released their debut LP for Domino.

As a brief, magical tour through [a]Pram[/a]’s childlike wibblings and Stereolab-esque warblings, ‘Telemetric…’ is enchanting. Through the spectral jazz-disco of ‘Space Siren’ to the incandescent flutter of ‘Omnichord’ and the squelchy Farfisa madness of ‘Superchouette’, [a]Pram[/a] enmesh their love for all things tinkly and pretty into a matrix of robotic, technological instrumentation. On the rare occasions when it appears, vocalist Rosie Cuckstone‘s vaguely strained, dispassionate voice hovers in the air like it doesn’t know where to land – a presence both welcome and naggingly disconcerting.

While ‘Telemetric…’ may reveal [a]Pram[/a]’s trajectory to be somewhat non-evolutionary, it still demonstrates the constancy of their starry-eyed imagination. They may not appear to have travelled far, but really, they’re up there, gently bumping their foreheads on the stratosphere.