I Dig Your Voodoo

We have reached crisis point of late....

We have reached crisis point of late. The majority of our esteemed pop stars seem content to trundle along, pushing safe product without a care in the world for unfettered inspiration. So it is with longing arms that we clutch The Monsoon Bassoon close to our heavy bosom. They have come with a malicious intent to bludgeon all musical preconceptions into mush. And they will, ultimately, tug hard on your heartstrings in ways that you won’t quite understand.

It’s all in the delivery. ‘I Dig Your Voodoo’ – which contains both their [I]NME [/I]Singles Of The Week, ‘Wise Guy’ and ‘In The Iceman’s Back Garden’ – is psychedelic pop that has been hung, drawn and quartered only to be dipped into an acid pickle and served with a liberal helping of punk-rock angst. To some, of course, it simply fails on all fronts. But you don’t want to listen to them. They’ve merely forgotten how to decipher love and loss from Cardiacs-fostered knotty rhythms, ping-pong vocals and wibblesome guitars and clarinets.

Every spurt of sonic agitation is brimful of intent. Latest single ‘The King Of Evil’ marries the pumping majesty of Nomeansno to a speed-freaked Liz Fraser; ‘The Very Best Of Badluck ’97’ is melancholy with a Molotov, while ‘Blue Junction’ starts with a mesh of jumpy woodwind melodies softened by Kavus Torabi‘s spooked bark and then segues into one fuck-off cosmic rock’n’roll sensation, with scant regard for the songwriting rulebook. Truly, it’s a world of unfathomable prog-new-wave wonders.

Pop music, then, but not as those their right mind know it.